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Quick 3D Game Objects

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Dipping into the 3D world of video games, you may be in the need to make or find some simple 3D characters or objects. Fortunately there are dozens of options out there with prices varying from free, next to nothing, or pretty expensive (generally the higher end of quality and features though).

Right now I will focus on just one, and that is Paint3D. Now this is a very simple and free tool. You are able to mold, paint, texture and more with this tool. The downside to this is the type of models you can get out of it. The majority of what you are able to create is pretty simple, even with the templates that you can use to start out with.

That doesn't mean its worthless though. With enough practice you could create some pretty nice objects and even characters to export out to an animation software. I personally have only used this enough to get an understanding of what it can do. Some simple blob characters and a few random objects is about as far as I have experimented with the tools.

The biggest benefit though would be access to the model library. There are hundreds of models uploaded to the library, and although some are really simple, others are very complex and detailed. The more detailed items were built in another program and uploaded in it, but they are still nice to have. Whether you need animals, characters, or scenery objects there are plenty of choices.

The downside to having all of these models is not having the animations to go with them like getting them from an online store somewhere. There are also still lots of tools out there to choose instead of Paint3D, but it isn't a bad spot to start or even search the library for something once in a while.

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