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Here at Leavariox Studios, our greatest passion is video games and everything that goes with them! Whether you like to play games, build them, or simply like unique and custom clothing/accessories for your yourself or your home, we have what you need.

One day, the idea came to build a video game, and with that idea came confusion. Hours upon hours was spent researching topics, tips, best practices, best software and so on. Through many trial and errors, we decided to try and help others navigate through the same muddy mess that we ourselves faced and still face today. We have created our own tips and tricks as it were to help others get on the right track and find the resources they need to make their dream video game come true.

Along with helping others make their video games, we have included a few other features into our site as well. We build and sell our own game assets for fun, continue to work on our own games and added a unique store to buy clothes, accessories, household items and much more.

When trying to find the perfect phrase or design for something game related, we noticed it was hard to find exactly what we wanted. The decision was made to instead of try and find what we wanted, but to build it ourselves and provide it to everyone else. Our store is constantly evolving and adding more content and variations to make sure there is always something new for everyone to enjoy. 

We hope you enjoy our products and please feel free to let us know if there is something that you are looking for!