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Practice Building a Game...with Halo?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Last week I talked about how playing games can help you understand how to build them yourself, but did you know there are games that let you actually build mini-games inside them?

This practice isn't new by any means, but the tools that the games provide keep getting better. That was actually a reason why I liked the idea of making games in the first place, all because I could build some within another game.

Currently the latest and best game design for the Halo franchise is within Halo 5 (There are still great tools inside Halo MCC as well). Halo 5's Forge mode allows you to create some large and incredible worlds and games. Forge mode is similar to a game engine, except there are limitations with what you can put in it and you don't code normally.

Halo 5 has hundreds of already built objects to place in the world, and a variety of textures and effects as well. You can build your own mini-game and upload for the community to play. The coding is also done a little differently in Forge, instead of a opening up an editor to type, you have predetermined choices that allows you to build a game.

One is able to very simple understanding of how code works within a game, and an understanding of terminology and limitations to lighting, content, scripts and more. You won't be able to publish a game technically, but it will be playable to everyone within the Halo community to play.

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