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Fire up the Blender and Build a Game!

Hey everyone! Now I i briefly touched base on this, but I wanted to dive into a little more on this subject. As I mentioned before on software to help you build your assets and video games, Blender is a "FREE" one that comes with a lot of features. I had a version of 3DS Max that I was able to experiment with, but considering how little I used it, having it long term didn't seem like it would be a smart financial decision. I'm not saying that it isn't good, but because there are sooooo many tools in it, it was really hard for me to fully grasp a topic and what I was trying to do. I would spend hours trying to figure one little task out and would dive through tutorials and documents only to get lost and scrap the project I was working on. I was close to just giving up on making 3D content until I came across an article on Blender.

After having tried Blender before a couple years back, I was somewhat familiar with the tools, but jumped to YouTube for some tutorials. One thing I noticed for sure was just how fast and easy it was for me to use and learn the tools. I would spend hours trying to make a simple asset and then it would still look pretty basic, but after trying to do the same ones in Blender, I was able to cut that time to a fraction of what is was before! Not only that, but I was able to add more details to my models.

That was just the 3D modeling tools, but Blender is more than just building 3D objects. It's a digital sculpting tool as well so you can not only make boxes, but work on characters if you need. Throw in its smart UV mapping setup and you could build 3D assets in no time flat! I had been using Sculptris to build characters and props and although it was really handy, it lacked some features I wanted and was limited to the file formats I was wanting to use. It is still a good tool to use, but I opted for using Blender for my main software for now.

After you make a character, you will need to rig it and then animate your character based on your rigging controls, and what makes Blender so powerful is that it has the ability to do that all as well. So not only can you make your models quickly, but you can rig animate and texture them to get the perfect character.

Another interesting feature is that fact the Blender is in itself a game engine, which means you can start taking those assets you built and start making a game right away. I already had a game engine as I have Unity, but if you want to combine as many tools into one software than Blender is a nice fit.

So maybe you are just looking for a software to make some 3D models without breaking your budget, especially if you are a hobbyist. Maybe you want to build games with it, or make a movie? The fact that Blender is so flexible is what makes it a top choice for any indie game developer just starting out, or one that really likes how easy the program is to learn and use.

If you are in that stage where you want to start making game assets and don't know which program to download, take a look at Blender, because not only is the software user friendly, it's completely free to use.

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