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Favorite Texture Software

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Good Afternoon everyone! I decided to highlight what I like to use for creating my textures for game assets as well as my 2D assets. When first starting out I spent hours of research for what I needed to make great textures and although I found tons of choices, I quickly realized that most were out of my budget. I was skeptical on using a free or open source software thinking it might not be up to par with what I wanted to do. After more research I kept coming across 1 particular program that was free and promised to to do everything that the expensive ones could. I finally downloaded it and at first I thought it wouldn't work as good as I wanted. Some playing around and several YouTube videos later I realized just how wrong I was! This tool proved to be everything I needed, I couldn't believe something like that was free! Anyways, the software I am talking about is GIMP. If you are looking to start creating and and editing textures and want something powerful and sure to check out their site!

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