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Free 3D Design on your computer?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Good Morning everyone! I thought I would start out the morning with something that most people don't realize that is on Windows 10. That is Paint 3D. Although this is a very simple 3D sculpting tool, it does give you access to a library of user content. So, not only can you create simple .FBX files to be imported into another software or game engine for fine tuning, but you can search the 3D library for all sorts of content. You aren't going to get photo-realistic content from here by any means, but if you are working on cartoon styled games then I would give this program a look. For a breakdown of what you are able to do (and again, this is simple cartoon like content) take a look at the list below:


-Painting in 3D

-Export to FBX format (Painted Material Included)

-Download content from large 3D Library

-Import directly into Game Engine with Painted material

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